Balloon Fetish Custom - Attracted To Balloons

Balloon Fetish Custom - Attracted To Balloons

“I have a balloon fetish and I want to get a custom video” is something we don’t hear nearly as much as some of the more “typical” fetishes, like a foot fetish, or a fetish for large boobs — but it’s more common than you’d think. And can actually be pretty damn sexy to even the uninitiated, given the right custom fetish model and the right setting/atmosphere.

But to the balloon fetishist — also referred to as the “looner” — it’s not always just a batch of balloons and a pretty face that turns them on. The balloon fetishist / looner typically falls into one of several categories:

– Inflaters: Looners who like to inflate balloons, usually with their mouths, or watch other people blow them up. They get turned on with each puff of air entering the balloon, causing the balloon to grow larger and more taut.

Balloon Fetish Video - Sit-Pop Pornstar Balloon Races in Bikinis
– Poppers: Looners who like to pop balloons, or squeeze the balloons playfully until they pop, or bounce around on them until they pop. Some Poppers even get a thrill from “torturing” the balloon in various ways.

– Non-Poppers: Looners who like to play with balloons, bounce on them, squeeze them, fondle them, watch others fondle them, etc. but for whom the act of actually popping the balloon is avoided; either because it’s simply a not a turn-on, or it’s an absolute turn-off, or because the mere idea of popping the balloon causes anxiety. Some Non-Poppers even have a fear of balloons popping.

So what personality types are attracted to balloons as a fetish?

The Suspense Fan
Custom Balloon Fetish Video - Goddess Gwen Plays with Balloons
Like many of us, the looner personality type who gets off on suspense probably enjoyed suspenseful films, sporting events, and video games much in the same way we do. Being on that “edge” of not knowing what’s going to happen next is not only a thrill, but actually turns them on sexually. And what can be more suspenseful than holding a balloon in your hands, squeezing it, or watching an attractive man or woman squeezing it, and not knowing when it’s going to pop? Looners who are poppers and looners who are non-poppers both have members in their ranks who can be easily categorized as The Suspense Fan personality.

The Graduate Student
People don’t always become looners just because of their love for suspense, or because of their childhood exposures and predilections. Sometimes, they develop a balloon fetish because they’ve discovered the fetish on their own, either because they’ve moved on from other fetishes, or because they’ve learned of the balloon fetish from watching a video of one of their other fetishes. Fans of latex and vinyl have commonly made the transition to balloon fetishist, even if it’s only one of many of their panoply of turn-ons. Some even gravitate towards looner videos because looning and balloon fetishes seem so innocuous, relative to their other fetishes which are perhaps more kinky and complex. But don’t get me wrong. Balloon fetishes, depending on what the looner likes and wants, can be every bit as kinky and nasty as any other fetish.

Variations on Balloon Fetish

Hardcore kinky balloon custom fans have been known to fantasize about fucking the actual balloon, having the balloon pop while wrapped around their genitals, and even blowing up a balloon with their weiners (and sometimes balls) inside the balloon. Though rare, and not quite classifiable as “looners” per se, other balloon fetishists like to draw faces on their balloons and set up elaborate “romantic” situations. Some even love to stuff their clothing with inflated balloons while masturbating, or watching a girl in lingerie that’s been stuffed with balloons masturbate.

When it comes to balloon fetishes and their many permutations, the sky is the limit!