A view from one of our clients

A view from one of our clients

You’ve heard a lot from us on this blog, so we thought we’d turn this over to one of our clients for their perspective. They’ve asked for their name to be changed, but otherwise, this is all them. Justin has been nice enough to give us some thoughts on our process and his experience with us in making his custom video.

Thanks folks! I found Anatomik Media a couple of years ago and bought some of their videos, but it didn’t really click that they did custom videos until I saw articles about the Butterfly Effect 

I got in touch by email with an outline, and they were so nice and excited about making my request that I felt confident in expressing what I wanted.

It was quite revelatory for me really. I’d always had a thing for mesmerise porn (you know, hypnosis, mind control, that kind of thing), but hadn’t ever considered that I could make a unique video myself. Even with some producers that make those fetish videos, there was always something I thought could be done better, or least more in line with how I’d like the scenario to play out. But writing my first script was great, and helped me clarify exactly the parts that were the real turn-ons for me.

I liked the whole process of writing dialogue, picking props, and imagining what it would all look like. Anatomik were great at taking me through what sets might be available, plus finding exactly the right models to make this happen. In a sense, it feels like being the director yourself, and it gives such a sense of freedom. You’re making choices, in discussion with Anatomik, about who does what where and how, exactly as you would imagine it in your fantasy.

It was tough to wait for the video – it didn’t actually take that long as a process, but once I’d completed my script, I was so impatient to see it. And I couldn’t have been happier with the final video. I don’t think I actually believed this would happen until I saw a couple of pics from the shoot. It just didn’t seem real that this could be something you could buy! Since then, I’ve bought several more videos, and have another in production.

Finally, I also really appreciate the confidentiality that Anatomik Media provide. I’m not ashamed of the customs I’ve ordered, but at the same time, they are private and not something I’d want to share. The team have really made me feel validated and safe to speak freely about what I’d like to have created, without judgement. Thanks guys!