Make Me Cum in My Shorts


London is upset that her man forgot about their anniversary and makes him please her. 31 min

Make Me Cum in My Shorts - London River
It’s their anniversary and London has been waiting all day to see what Michael got her. Unfortunately, he forgot all about it and is begging and pleading for forgiveness. Michael is really apologetic but London is upset with him and demands to even the score. She comes up with a plan so he can redeem himself and they can get on with their lives.

London decides that Michael has to do whatever she wants….sexually. She has bought a new pair of shorts today and wants to “test them out”. London warns her boyfriend that if he does not do as he is told or tries to take off her shorts; she will not have sex with him until the next anniversary! So the boyfriend has to be on his best behavior. Luckily, London may be a tease but more than makes up for it by eventually becoming a real animal when things really get going.