Inflatable Wonderland Massacre


What starts as an innocent game of collecting beachballs ends in complete destruction of every inflated being in sight. With a little shaving cream pool wrestling thrown in for added fun. 35 min

The object of the game is to collect as many beach balls from the pool as possible and then take them to the designated popping area. There are 50 beach balls in 36″ and 24″ sizes. Also in the pool are inflatable obstacles like dinosaurs, alligators, watermelons, ice cream cones, bananas, swans, pickles, whales, and more. Each participant must ride the inflatable of their choice to the other side of the pool and collect as many beach balls as possible, then take them to the designated popping area. The one that collects the most beach balls is the winner.

So the game went almost as planned and a winner was decided. Everyone gets crowned but the losers were shamed with shaving cream pies to the face… Shenanigans ensued, making sure everyone got messy – not just the losers!

In a fit of shaving cream rage the girls then destroyed every inflatable in sight. It was sad and funny and sexy, all at the same time.