Cherie Deville: Inspecting the Gloryhole


Cherie is a conservative inspector on an inspection of a porn store. She’s disgusted at what she finds until she ends up in the back room and discovers a mysterious hole in a locked door. Suddenly, something pokes out of the hole, demanding her full attention. 21 min

Health Inspector Cherie Deville arrives to perform her annual adult video store inspection and she’s not exactly thrilled to be there. She is dressed very conservatively with her blonde hair in a bun, pencil skirt; conservative blouse; business jacket. This is the only adult store on her route and she is never happy to be there.

Cherie walks into the store and is instantly annoyed by what she sees around her. She puts on a single white glove for the inspection. She walks around the store with her index finger sliding across the shelves in search of dust. She looks at the DVD covers and sex toys in disgust while she completes her inspection.

She eventually wanders around to the back of the store and happens on a mysterious locked door with a hole in it. She inspects the hole with her gloved finger and suddenly a cock appears from the hole.

Intrigued, Cherie gives the cock an inspection, slowly running her gloved finger down the base to the tip. She feels a rush of excitement but is still reserved and cautious. Finally, she gives in and touches the cock.

She starts off slowly with a handjob … not sure if she should be doing this. The jacket comes off and then the glove comes off as the handjob gets more intense. She starts blowing the cock and strips down naked. Finally, the bun in her hair is taken down and she get more intense with blowjob while her hair flails around wildly