Charlotte Cross is Plaster Caster


An artist’s model is tricked into being turned into a statue by being encased in plaster. 33 min

Casey isn’t a professional model. Just a regular person that Charlotte met and convinced to model for her. She is anxious but excited at the idea of helping create the artwork.

Charlotte has done this many times before and is excited about adding to her collection. But she is also very kind, polite and reassuring towards Casey.

The video starts with Charlotte explaining to Casey what she is about to do, which is slowly cover Casey in “plaster”.

Charlotte explains the “plaster” will be used as a lifecast to mold a statue from. It can be a little scary slowly being encased in the plaster but she reassures Casey that she has done this to many other women. Casey is a bit nervous but anxiously agrees.

Charlotte has Casey take a very simple pose standing straight, legs apart in a comfortable stance and arms at her sides but a few inches away from her body.

Starting at Casey’s feet Charlotte begins covering Casey’s body “plaster”. Working her way up, talking to Casey talking about other models she has done the same thing to. About mid way up her thigh Casey mentions the plaster feels like it’s getting warm. Coyly because she knows she is using a special plaster that has a secret, Charlotte explains that’s because it is hardening, it’s a chemical reaction and it’s normal.

Charlotte continues up Casey’s body. Casey occasionally moans or reacts nervously to the progress, Charlotte gently reassuring her she is ok and that she is doing great posing.

When she get’s to Casey’s shoulders, Casey comments it’s a little hard to breathe. Charlotte explains the plaster does make it difficult but that she’s is doing great, but accidentally slips and says she will be a beautiful statue.

Catching her slip, Charlotte corrects herself and says she means the statue of Casey will be beautiful. She moves to covering Casey’s arms, starting at the shoulder and working down to the fingers.

Now Casey is covered in the marshmallow fluff/plaster from her neck down.

Casey is nervous, still able to slightly move her head she looks down at her body. Commenting on how strange it all feels, covered in plaster and unable to move. Casey even says “I’m basically a statue already”

Charlotte quips “More than you realize” & Casey looks back at her nervously.

Charlotte explains she is going to start covering her head and face, and explains that this can be the scariest part because she is going to seal up her eyes, ears and mouth. So Casey won’t be able to see, speak and will be barely able to hear.
Casey is visibly nervous. Not being able to move because of the hardening plaster is really starting to get to her and now she is about to be completely encased.

But again Charlotte reassures her how great she is doing, and that things will be all over soon and that Casey will have nothing to worry about.
She tells Casey to close her eyes and begins covering Casey’s head starting at the back moving forward, covering her hair, ears and some of her forehead, jaw line and cheeks.

When only her face is left, she takes a more delicate approach applying the marshmallow fluff/plaster making sure she carefully covers her eyes and mouth. Using just her fingers to thoroughly seal them.

She’s really enjoying sealing closed Casey’s mouth and eyes one at a time. All while sarcastically reassuring a very worried Casey that she is “doing great” as Casey is moaning and whimpering

Once Casey is completely covered in the marshmallow fluff/plaster, Charlotte mentions she isn’t sure if Casey can hear her anymore. She then tells Casey she is completely encased and asks how she is doing.

Unable to speak Casey weakly responds.

Charlotte does an “inspection” of her body once she is covered. Making sure there is no skin exposed and making sure she s completely covered before revealing the truth to her. Amused, Charlotte reveals the truth. That the plaster won’t be used to mold a statue, it will actually turn Casey into a statue and that warm feeling was actually the chemicals soaking into her flesh turning her into stone.

Casey weakly reacts, moaning underneath her marshmallow fluff/plaster encasement.

Charlotte just sarcastically comforts her unsuspecting model and thanks her for being such a wonderful model. She assures her that soon she will lose consciousness and as she said before that Casey will have nothing to worry about.

Casey doesn’t respond and this tells Charlotte that Casey is indeed “asleep”, she giggles amused that her trick has work once again.

Charlotte says – “Well time to let you fully harden. You really will be a beautiful statue” and leaves.