Wheelchair Seduction at Yes Mistress


Kelly Klass is at her favorite clothing store “Yes Mistress”, looking for a special outfit for her master. She's sending selfies with the outfits on, asking for his approval. Her master wants to know who is there and she replies, ” Just some guy in a wheelchair”. The master decides to have some fun with her and instructs Kelly to strip for him and give him a blowjob. She does exactly that. 15:45


Fetish: ,

Custom wheelchair fetish scene with Kelly Klass. There is a HOT girl trying on a schoolgirl outfit (short skirt, knee high socks, plaid shirt, hair in pigtails) coming out of the changing room to view herself in the full-sized mirror. She is posing and taking selfies.

-Her phone messages- (we see the text over the video of her typing)

KELLY – {picture sent} Well??

MASTER – Did you forget how to address me, SLAVE?

KELLY – Sorry, master.

MASTER – …who else is in the store?

KELLY – Just one employee…a guy in a wheelchair, master.

KELLY – He keeps staring at me, master.

MASTER – Perfect.

MASTER – As your punishment…you have to give him a blowjob and keep his cum in your mouth. Do will not swallow until you take a picture with your mouth open, then send it to me.

KELLY – Yes, master.

MASTER – Now, take your bra and panties off but keep the skirt and top on. SLOWLY & SEXY…then invite him over and proceed.

KELLY – Yes, master.

KELLY then signals to store boy with a come-here motion with her index finger, with a smile

When he wheels over KELLY asks, “Do you like what you see?”

He says very nervously, “Y-Y-Yep.”

KELLY asks while gesturing toward his crotch, “If everything works down there for you…I would love to give you a blowjob.”

He says, “Oh hell yes!”

KELLY again gestures with her finger and says, “Then follow me.”

Once inside and with the door/curtain closed, KELLY starts disrobing and giving him a little lap dance. KELLY then gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob.

Once the cum is in her mouth, KELLY stands up and gets her phone. She sits on his lap and shows the cum in her mouth and takes a selfie of herself and and him together. Then, KELLY moves to another chair, spits the cum onto her hand and smeared the mixture of spit and cum all over her tits and pussy.

KELLY says, “Sorry I didn’t swallow. But you did taste good so I’ll tell ya what, If you fuck me now in my pussy and ass, I will keep swallowing as long as you keep cumming.”