Wetlook Mercedes Carrera and Britney Amber


Wetlook fetish with Mercedes Carrera and Britney Amber. They try on different tops and jeans, get in the pool and play around, deciding who looks best in each outfit. 58 min


For each round the girls will take their time getting wet. Dip their leg in the pool, splash each other, tease a little bit. Slowly go deeper until they are fully submerged. Once they are entirely wet, the girls will go to the shallow end and start playing with each other (kissing, playing with each others boobs/sucking each other’s nipples through the tops), splashing around. Bending over (to show off the wet jeans), lightly spanking each other. shoulders back, maybe a bit of jiggling to show of the wet tops.

The girls will then get out of the pool and parade around, more bending over and showing off their wet tops and jeans. Fondle each other a bit more, make out, play with each other’s boobs through the t-shirts.

The girls will then swap tops and get back in the pool.

Once they are both fully soaked in the second t-shirt, compare who looks best, which color top looks better wet. Talk a bit about how they look in each other’s tops. A bit more making out, playing with each other’s boobs.

The girls would then decide who won the round (doesn’t really matter who wins which round so long as they end up at 3-3 at the end, for the deciding round).

The girls will then change into the next pair of dry t-shirts and repeat until the end of the 6th round and they’ve both won 3 rounds.

Deciding Round
For the 7th round, they each will decide which t-shirt looked the best on each other. They’ll put whatever color t-shirt they decide for each other on, get wet again in the pool and end the scene making out, declaring each other the winner.