Toe Popping Sasha Heart


Sasha Heart comes home from a long day at work and takes off her shoes and pops her ankles and toes while rubbing her sore feet. 27 min

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Sasha arrives home from a long day at work, wearing heels. Her feet are tired and sore. She takes her phone, gets on the bed and removes her heels. Sasha lays down, face up, with ankles crossed, rubbing her feet together for the majority of the video, while looking at her phone, texting etc.

She varies between casual and aggressive foot rubbing & popping with ankles crossed for the duration of the video, including toe clamping, toe flexing, toe curling, toe spreading, toe popping, toe cracking, rotating ankles.

No nudity. No talking. No camera movement. Camera on a tripod and aim it at feet and ankles. Focus the camera on feet and ankles and nothing else. Shoot the video from the top (her POV) and side POV only. NO view of the soles of the feet.

Crossed ankle foot rubbing for the whole video. Do not pop everything at once. Spread it out through the video. No use of hands to pop or curling toes down onto the floor to pop them. Do not try to pop toes on purpose. Should happen casually and not feel forced…its random and natural.