The Thighs of Farina


Farina stops by her tennis instructor's office to see about getting on the team. She'll do anything to make it. Miss Wiles has her eyes on Farina's thighs. 20 min


Farina knocks on the door and walks in

Farina: “Hi Miss Wiles.
Miss Wiles: “Hello Farina, lovely to see you. What can I do for you? ”

Miss Wiles is wearing a teacher’s outfit, blouse, short tight skirt, bare legs and flat shoes. The camera focuses on a chair in the middle of the office, looking out of place. Farina looks puzzled.

Farina: Miss Wiles, why is that chair in the middle of the room?”
Miss Wiles: That is the special chair Farina, only special people get to use it.”

Farina sits down and crosses her legs, her short skirt exposing her full thighs. Mercedes looks at Mia’s thighs and smiles approvingly.

Farina: “I need to be on the tennis team. I will do anything. Please Miss Wiles I am begging you.”

Miss Wiles smiles, and looks at Farina’s thighs.

Miss Wiles: “There is one thing you can do for me Farina.”

Miss Wiles walks over to Farina, kneels in front of her and slowly runs her hands up her thighs inside her skirt several times. Farina is shocked and nervous but does not stop her.

Miss Wiles: Farina, you have the most wonderful thighs, will you give them to me?”

Miss Wiles lifts Farina to her feet and they slowly begin to kiss. Their kissing is slow, their tongues gently intertwining as they hold each other. Miss Wiles starts to stroke Farina’s bottom, her hands under her skirt exposing her white underwear. She kneels and gently slides Farina’s underwear down her legs. She then stokes the back and sides of her thighs before undoing her skirt which also falls to the floor. She then removes Farina’s tight vest. Neither of them are wearing bras. Miss Wiles then undresses herself as Farina stands nervously.

Farina: “My mum will be waiting for me outside.”
Miss Wiles: “You will be late today Farina”.

They stand holding each other, deep kissing gently and stroking each other’s bums and hips. They start to touch each others nipples, the camera can zoom in on this. They then rub begin to rub their nipples together. They continue to kiss and stroke each other keeping their full bodies in shot with the camera at side profile. But also can the camera angle be behind Farina showing her full body from the back as Miss Wiles is fondling her buttocks. Occasionally the camera can zoom onto their intertwining tongues. There should only be the quiet sound of their gentle kissing.

Miss Wiles: “Give me your thighs, Farina.”
Farina: “I’ve never been naked with anybody before. Please be gentle”.
Miss Wiles: “Come to the special chair, Farina.”

Miss Wiles leads Farina by the hand off camera.

The camera zooms in on a wall clock it is 4pm. The camera then slowly brings the chair into shot. They are in the Amazon position facing each other with Farina sat on top. Both are naked except for short white socks. For the majority of the scene can the camera be at side profile, keeping them both fully in shot as Miss Wiles is slowly stroking Farina’s thighs and bottom. Farina sometimes putting her hands on Miss Wiles hands and guiding them up her thighs. The camera occasionally moves around them, but the side profile is most important. During the scene can Farina put her arms around Miss Wiles neck or arms whichever is most comfortable for her. can they continue to deep kiss throughout, sometimes Farina can put her head back and Miss Wiles can gently kiss her neck and they can smile at each other also. Can the only sound be the kissing and very quiet groaning and sighing.

The camera then zooms to the wall clock again it is now 1 hour later, 5 pm. They are still on the chair kissing and Farina’s thighs and bum being stroked and held. Farina begins to orgasm, gently gyrating becoming quicker and quicker until her head goes back and she groans quite loudly. They smile at each other, rub noses and peck each other a few times gently on the lips.

Farina is now dressed, she closes the door behind her, straightens her skirt and walks towards the camera smiling. Her cell phone rings, she answers.

Farina: Sorry to keep you waiting mom, tennis practice just went on and on. I am coming out now.