Thong Oil Wrestling Catfight


Hot oil wrestling in thongs! Aubrey the naughty schoolgirl wrestles Fayette the hot secretary. The girls are back in action on a slippery, oily oversized air mattress. 18:53


Aubrey and Fayette return for another round of wrestling action! The air mattress in fully inflated, the girls are all oiled up and ready for some slippery wrestling fun! First, of course, they must do their signature dance and poses before the hot oil fun begins as both have sexy signature dance moves that they love to do before each match. Then they’re off, grabbing each other and sliding all over the place as they try to pin each other down in this awesome 19 min video. Who will win in this desperate fight to the finish? Who cares! These girls are hot and flustered, grinding, sliding and sweating their way across the mat.