Mommy Spanked You


Gabi has been late a lot recently and her mom decides it's time for a spanking with the hairbrush. 10 min


The scene starts with Mercedes on the phone to Gabi telling her to come home because there are issues they need to settle. While talking, mom is putting on knee high socks and then slippers.

When Gabi arrives, her mom is waiting with her arms crossed. Mom says “come her young lady”. The girl approaches. Then mom says “I’m going to use some child psychology on you”.

Mom takes the girls hand and walks her to a chair at a vanity. Mom turns the chair around, sits down and tells the girl to “sit on her knee like a five year old”. The girl asks why, and mom says ” so I can scold you”.

Gabi whines that she is too old for that. Mom says that “she is never too old” and pats her lap. Gabi says “now?” and mom says “yes now”. After sitting, the girl whines that she is a grown women and this is really embarrassing. Mom says ” it supposed to be, that’s the whole point”. then adds “I should do this in front of everyone”. Mom tells Gabi to hang her head in shame.

Mom says “You should be ashamed of yourself! You are a spoiled brat and act immature for your age. Mom explains how Gabi embarrassed her in front of company.

The lecture concludes with the girl apologizing, but mom says that isn’t enough and is going to get a spanking. Then adds “I haven’t done this in a while”

She tells Gabi to stand up, stand on the left/right depending on moms dominate hand. She tells the girl to “pull her pants down’. then to “pull her panties down”. Then says to “bend over my knee”. The non spanking hand is on the girls back. A hairbrush is on the vanity behind mom. There is a closeup of her hand picking up the brush. She then spanks, alternating the buttcheeks.

The girl is letting out words like ouch, oww ooh. After, she tells Gabi to get up. She gets up and does a little pain dance and crying. She tries to sit but it’s too painful. Mom gets up and hugs her.