Mistress Mercedes Mind Control Foot Worship


Mercedes Carrera and Syren De Mer star in an intense hypnotherapy and foot fetish seduction video. Syren comes in to see Dr Carrera and is mesmerized into foot worship with pantyhose on the entire time. 64 min


Mistress Mercedes is a well-known, well-respected holistic therapist. Many female clients come to her for counseling, physical massage therapy, and overall physical, psychological, and emotional healing. What they
do not know, however, is that Mistress Mercedes is extremely gifted in hypnosis, and on occasion, whether her client knows it or not, she will pull them into her spell. Mercedes also has a pantyhose foot fetish; she loves to worship, lick, nibble, kiss and bite—she likes to give as much as she likes to receive. She uses this power to benefit her clients; they leave confident, centered, and ready to be better versions of themselves. HOWEVER, she also benefits: she has become wealthy, influential, and indulgent with these women, and no one will ever know…

Mistress Mercedes always begins her sessions with something she calls “The Affirmation.” She gazes into her client’s eyes and puts them at ease, showering them with positive thoughts (You’re safe,
you can trust me, you’re going to find the answers you seek today, etc.) After a while, Mercedes is holding her client’s head in her hands, kissing them softly on the lips as they stand enchanted. She gives them a brief instruction, then releases them from the trance feeling happy and supported as the therapy begins.

Mercedes and Syren De Mer: Syren De Mer is having relationship issues with her husband.  Mistress Mercedes helps her understand the idea of obedience.

Syren is dressed professionally, tan pantyhose and heels. Mercedes is dressed nicely, comfortably, with tan pantyhose and no shoes since she is in her own office.

Mistress Mercedes greets Syren as she enters the office.

MM: Hello Syren. It’s nice to meet you. I’m going to ask you to slip your heels off as you enter. (Syren does) It’s nice to meet you. How are you today?
SD: I’m okay. I’ll feel a lot better when we work through these issues.

MM: I’m sure. Now I understand you are having trouble with your husband. Is that correct?

SD: Yes. He’s a good man, and a terrific father to our kids. He just has a bit of a controlling streak. And I have
one, too. It gets us into trouble sometimes.

MM: Of course that can happen. Now Syren, let me explain how we’re going to start our session. I call it “The

SD: “The Affirmation.” What is that?

MM: It’s nothing to be nervous about. I had you slip your heels off when you entered. That will help you relax a bit. In a moment, I’m going to step closer to you and tell you very positive things. It sounds silly, but my clients find it comforting, and eventually they look forward to “The Affirmation” without me even mentioning it.

SD: Soooo, it’s basically just you saying encouraging things?

MM: That’s all it is. I can’t help you if you don’t trust me. One way to earn your trust is to show you that I’m here to support you. This is a way to do that at the very beginning, and we can build on it as the sessions go.

SD: Oh okay. Well what do we do to start?

Mistress Mercedes steps close, gazing into Syren’s eyes.

MM: You don’t have to do a thing. Take a breath. In and out. In and out. That’s right. Look into my eyes and breathe. Look into my eyes and relax. In and out. That’s it. Good. Relax. RELAX.

Mistress Mercedes is very close to Syren now. MM puts her hands on Syren’s upper arms, softly squeezing. Syren is clearly hesitant.

MM: Okay Syren. Look into my eyes and listen to my affirmation. You have come to the right place. You will leave today with the answers you seek. You are on the path to healing. You will be well soon. You are
beautiful and successful. Breathe. In and out. In and out. That’s right. Look into my eyes and trust me. In and out. RELAXXXX…Trust me. TRUST ME…(Syren smiles at the positive words, and nods her head.)

Mistress Mercedes’ hands slowly travel up Syren’s arms to her shoulders, rubbing tension away as she continues with her affirmation mantra…After a few moments, Mistress Mercedes’ hands are caressing Syren’s
neck and they are both gazing into each other’s eyes, standing very, very close.

MM: Syren you are special and wonderful. You are loved and valued. Trust me, and you will find the self- improvement you need.

Mistress Mercedes’ hands move from caressing Syren’s shoulders and neck, and are now holding Syren’s head in position to gaze into Mistress Mercedes' eyes…Syren begins to drift at the caress, the soothing voice, the hypnotic gaze…

MM: The goal of the affirmation is to shower you with support and positivity. You will trust me when you feel safe and supported. You are safe here, supported here. I’m here to help. Trust me. Breathe in and out.
Relax…and trust me. Relax. And trust me.

Mistress Mercedes is holding Syren’s face in her hands and they are so very close. It is clear that Syren is drifting in Mistress Mercedes’ hypnotic spell, face blank, locked in Mistress Mercedes’ gaze. Mistress
Mercedes leans in for a peck on the lips. Then another. Then another. Just quick small kisses. Syren is still a blank slate, allowing every one.

MM: Syren, do you trust me? (Peck on the lips)

SD: Yes Mistress. I trust you (Another peck on the lips)

Mistress Mercedes goes in for another kiss, then a deeper kiss. Syren responds to the kisses, returning them. The kissing continues, good deep kissing…

Mistress Mercedes has Syren’s head in her hands; Syren is enchanted and fixated on Mistress Mercedes’ eyes.

MM: Syren, why don’t you take off your clothes and get ready for the massage. Syren undresses, except for the pantyhose; she will not notice that she is undressed going forward.

MM: Syren. We’re going to sit down on the couch and talk this through. I’m going to focus on the idea of obeying. I want you, in the back of your mind, to think about obeying. Just run that word through your sub-
conscious as we talk. Obey. Obey. OBEY. OBEYYYY…

SD: I understand.

MM: Now Syren, I’m going to count backwards from five, and you will come out of this little trance, feeling safe, supported, and so full of positive energy. Do you understand?

SD: I understand.

MM (still cradling Syren’s face in her hands, occasionally giving her soft kisses): 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Syren comes out of this little trance, smiling. Her first impulse is to embrace Mistress Mercedes. They embrace as dear friends.

SD: I feel so positive and supported. Amazing.

MM: Yes, I designed the Affirmation to provide a feeling of absolute positivity. Now come sit and we’ll begin
the session. I’ll start with a light massaging touch to keep those good vibes coming.

They sit. Initially, Mistress Mercedes’ hands wander over Syren, giving her a caress around her face, both hands massaging Syren’s neck, drifting down her chest…She spends a few moments worshipping Syren’s
breasts, kissing and licking them, before continuing with the massage…Her hands continue sliding further down to focus on Syren’s legs…Mercedes spends a few moments on Syren’s inner thighs, and Syren moans
softly with the pleasure of the massage…and finally finding Syren’s pantyhose feet. As they continue, Mercedes discusses Syren’s case, but Mercedes’ hands are slowly and softly, seductively massaging Syren’s
pantyhose feet…

MM: You said you are concerned about the fights you’ve been having with your husband.

SD: Yes. We have so much in common, including a controlling streak.

MM: It is challenging for type-A personalities to co-exist sometimes.

SD: Tell me about it. I feel like we’re in a tug of war for the relationship.

MM: It’s important to remember that a marriage is a partnership. That means that there are times he is
subject to you, and times he is subject to you.

SD: Subject to me? What does that mean?

MM: It means obey. Partnerships are equal, of course. But sometimes he needs to follow your lead and
support you.

SD: Damn right. He doesn’t see it that way.

MM: But you must also see times that he’ll need your support. Love. Obedience.

SD: Obedience?

MM: Yes. A good partner must know when to obey.

SD: But how will I know?

MM: I’ll help you. Now I’m going to introduce a very light hypnosis to help you think this through.

SD: Hypnosis? I don’t know about that. Is that normal?

MM: You tell me. I used a little hypnosis in the Affirmation. Do you remember how that made you feel?

SD: Oh yes. I felt so warm and supported. Will I feel like that?

MM: Definitely. This is a supportive practice. You can trust me. Do you trust me, Syren?

SD: Yes. I trust you completely.

Throughout this conversation, Mercedes has been softly, seductively massaging Syren’s pantyhose feet. Syren did not realize, but there was a lightly hypnotic effect, and so when Mercedes begins speaking softly to her, she gazes into Mercedes’ eyes, and eases back into the soft trance from the Affirmation.

MM: Syren, look into my eyes. Look deeper. Deeper. I want you to relax. Relax. RELAXXX.

SD: Yes. Deeper. Deeper. Relax. Yes.

Mercedes lifts Syren’s pantyhose foot to her lips and begins to lick, kiss, nibble and bite it. Syren’s face is blank, but she is soon enjoying it, sighing with pleasure, moaning softly as Mercedes continues…This goes on for a while…

After a while—then-plus minutes at least—Mercedes slides up to Syren and brings her in for an embrace. Syren is completely hypnotized and they get very close, gazing into each other’s eyes. Mercedes caresses
Syren, gives her a nod, and Syren begins undressing Mercedes. Soon they are both unclothed, except for their tan pantyhose.

Mercedes’ hands creep up Syren’s body, breasts, to her neck and cradle Syren’s face. Mercedes leans in for a kiss. Another, and another. Syren returns the affection. They spend a few minutes kissing, good deep kissing. Mercedes begins worshipping Syren’s breasts with Syren obviously enjoying the experience.

MM (softly kissing Syren as they talk): Syren, what have you been thinking about during the session? What’s
on your mind?

SD: The word obey has been running through my mind. Over and over. Obey.

MM: That’s good. Very good. Now kiss me.

SD: I obey. (Kissing)

MM: Now Syren, I want you to worship me. My body, my feet.

SD: I obey mistress.

Syren begins to assert herself, kissing Mercedes at first. Then she worships Mercedes breasts. She works her way down Mercedes to get to her pantyhose feet. She rubs them at first, massaging them like Mercedes did to her. Then she begins to worship them: licking and nibbling, kissing and biting them– this goes on for a while—ten-plus minutes at least…This is followed by more breast worship and kissing.

They have now moved back to different sides of the couch. Mercedes is slowly, softly massaging Syren’s pantyhose feet. Syren is gazing lovingly, completely entranced.

MM: Now Syren, I’m going to count backward from five and bring you out of this hypnotic trance. You will feel
so refreshed and positive. All those subconscious thoughts will be available to you.

SD: I understand.

MM: 5, 4, 3, 2…1

Syren smiles as she comes up from the trance. She does not notice that neither woman is wearing any clothes; just their tan pantyhose.

MM: Syren, I think we have had a good session. What are your takeaways from today?

SD: I agree. I feel so optimistic. I am going to really focus on those occasions when I can obey my husband to
show him that I support him.

MM: Very good. Now I’ll walk you out.

They get up, still unclothed, and step towards the door.

SD: How much do I owe you for this session?

MM: Nothing. Your first session is free. If you decide to see me again, we’ll discuss the payment options at
that time.

SD: Wow, no wonder you are such a popular therapist.

MM: So you think you’ll be coming back?

SD: Definitely. And I will be telling everyone I know how great you are. Especially the Affirmation. Wow.

MM: That’s nice, dear.

Mistress Mercedes leans in and takes Syren in an embrace, which Nikk is no longer hesitant to do. Mercedes kisses her softly on the cheek, then the corner of the mouth, and Syren is again helplessly returning Mercedes’ affection.

MM: Syren, I don’t have any more sessions scheduled today. Why don’t you come to the bedroom with me?

SD: Yes mistress. I obey.

They take each other’s hands and walk to the bedroom