Mistress Mercedes Mesmerizing Sex Therapy


Lily Labeau is having confidence issues. She wants to land the big job, but she hasn't interviewed well and really needs some help. Mistress Mercedes helps her gain that much needed confidence; all Lily has to do is trust Mistress Mercedes and do everything she says… 68 min


Mistress Mercedes is a well-known, well-respected holistic therapist. Many female clients come to her for counseling, physical massage therapy, and overall physical, psychological, and emotional healing. What they do not know, however, is that Mistress Mercedes is extremely gifted in hypnosis, and on occasion, whether her client knows it or not, she will pull them into her spell.

Mercedes also has a pantyhose foot fetish; she loves to worship, lick, nibble, kiss and bite—she likes to give as much as she likes to receive. She uses this power to benefit her clients; they leave confident, centered, and ready to be better versions of themselves.

HOWEVER, she also benefits: she has become wealthy, influential, and indulgent with these women, and no one will ever know…

Mistress Mercedes always begins her sessions with something she calls “The Affirmation.” Basically, she gazes into her client’s eyes and puts them at ease, showering them with positive thoughts (You’re safe, you can trust me, you’re going to find the answers you seek today, etc.) After a while, Mercedes is holding her client’s head in her hands, kissing them softly on the lips as they stand enchanted. She gives them a brief instruction, then releases them from the trance feeling happy and supported as the therapy begins.

Trust fund baby Lily is having confidence issues. She wants to land the big job, but she hasn't interviewed well and really needs some help. Mistress Mercedes has been brought in to help her gain that much needed confidence; all Lily has to do is trust Mistress Mercedes, and do everything she says…

Lily is dressed nicely, tan pantyhose and plenty of leg showing. Mercedes is shoeless, dressed professionally, tan pantyhose and plenty of leg showing as well. Mercedes is waiting to greet Lily as she enters the office.

Mercedes: Hello. You must be Lily.

Lily: Yes, hello. Do I call you Mistress…?

Mercedes: Haha. You can call me Mercedes. No need for formality here. Go ahead and slip
your shoes off. You see I’m not wearing any either.

(Lily slips off her shoes)

Mercedes: Your mother tells me you’re interviewing for jobs.

Lily: Yes.

Mercedes: And you’re having trouble?

Lily: Yes. For some reason, I’m interviewing poorly. None of the companies I’ve applied
with have called me back. My whole family has made its name in business. I don’t
know what it will take to get my foot in the door if my name doesn’t work for me. Can
you help me?

Mercedes: Of course! I’ve helped a lot of clients get through much tougher circumstances.

Lily: I know. My mom’s friends can’t stop talking about you. So what do we do first?

Mercedes: Well I always begin the session with something called the Affirmation.

Lily: What is that?

Mercedes: Nothing to worry about. It’s basically a few moments of intense positivity. It
will help you feel more confident and comfortable during the session today. Are you
ready to begin?

Lily: I guess so.

Mercedes steps very close to Lily and takes her upper arms in her firm grip as she
gazes into Lily’s eyes. Mercedes begins to speak positivity to Lily. During the next few
moments, Mercedes’ hands wander up to Lily’s shoulders, then softly begin rubbing
her neck, and eventually, Lily’s head rests in Mercedes’ hands, and Lily is helplessly
gazing into Mercedes’ hypnotic eyes. Lily’s face becomes blank.

Mercedes: You have come to the right place, Lily. Trust me. Relax. You will find what
you’re looking for today. Breathe in and out, in and out. Good. RELAX. I am very
confident we can have you interviewing so well, that you will have your pick of jobs in
just a couple of weeks. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Lily: Yes.

Mercedes: SHHhhh. Just breathe and relax. You can trust me, Lily. I’m only here to help
you. Trust in me and relax.

As Lily becomes briefly enchanted, Mercedes stands over her, cradling Lily’s face in
her hands. Mercedes begins to softly kiss Lily on the face, then on the lips. Lily
returns the soft kisses.
Mercedes: Lily you trust me don’t you?

Lily: Yes mistress. I trust you completely.

The kissing becomes deeper. Slow, seductive, deep kissing. After a few moments of
this, Mercedes stops and gazes into Lily’s eyes. Lily is powerless to resist, and just
rests there, gazing back.

Mercedes: Lily, during our session, I want your subconscious to think about entitlement.

You have been blessed to be born into a wealthy, successful family. The world doesn’t
owe you anything; you have to earn your way. I want you to think about ways that
you can humble yourself show you are ready to serve. Then you will be ready for
those interviews.

Lily: Yes mistress. I understand. (kiss, kiss)

Mercedes: Now I’m going to count backwards from five, and when I get to one, you will
wake up and feel very positive and supported. (kiss, kiss)

Lily: I understand. (kiss)

Mercedes: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Lily comes up from the brief trance and reflexively gives Mercedes a hug.

Lily: Wow that was great! Now what do we do?

Mercedes: It’s time to start our session. Just slip out of your clothes and sit down with me.

Without questioning, Lily undresses down to her pantyhose. Mercedes does the
same, and they both sit down on the couch together.

Mercedes is sitting close to Lily, and as they discuss the main ideas for the session, Mercedes begins to physically massage Lily. First she caresses Lily’s face, then her hands slide down to rub Lily’s neck. Down, down, down, they go to Lily’s chest, to linger over her breasts for a little while.

Mercedes: Lily, right now I’m looking for areas of stress in your body. It’s important to work
those areas out to avoid stiffness and negativity sneaking in.

Lily: Oh okay. It feels pretty good.

Mercedes: Good.

Custom Mercedes and Lily

(Mercedes’ hands work down to Lily’s waist, squeezing her pelvis, then Mercedes
moves her attention to Lily’s thigh, firmly squeezing and rubbing the inside leg area.

Lily moans at the pressure, and Mercedes moves down the leg, squeezing and
kneading as she goes, before switching and doing the other leg, starting with the
thigh. When she gets all the way down, she slips a little further away on the couch
rests Lily’s pantyhose feet in her lap.)

Lily: What are we doing now?

Mercedes: Now we are going to finish talking while I give you a good foot rub. You have to
take care of your feet, Lily.

Mercedes: Yes. That sounds nice.

(Mercedes begins to slowly seductively rub Lily’s feet up, down, and around.)

Mercedes: Alright Lily, we’re getting into the session now. I’m curious what you’re thinking. Are you thinking about your situation?

Lily: Yes. I’ve been thinking about my attitude. I’ve been acting like I should just be
given a job, like I’m entitled to have it because of my family name.

Mercedes: And what do you think you should do about that?

Lily: I think I should show a little more humility, maybe even set my sights lower to start

Mercedes: I think that sounds very wise. How do you feel?

Lily: Yeah. I feel much better. The stress is gone. You’re amazing.

Mercedes: Well, we’re not quite done. Now’s the real fun part.

Mercedes stops rubbing Lily’s feet and begins to worship them: licking and nibbling,
kissing and biting…This goes on for quite a while—10+mins.

Mercedes kisses her way up Lily’s legs, chest, lingering on her breasts, licking and
kissing her way up Lily’s neck to find Lily’s mouth open for slow passionate kissing.
They embrace and caress, slowly, deeply kissing.

Sitting tangled on the couch, each holding the other closely in an intimate embrace

Mercedes: Lily, you were talking about humility earlier.

Lily: Yes. I remember.

Mercedes: I’d like to give you a chance to practice that idea.

Lily: How?

Mercedes: I want you to worship me. My body, my feet.

Lily: Yes Mistress. I obey.

Lily resumes slowly passionately kissing Mercedes, her lips going down, kissing and
licking Mercedes’ neck, breasts, body, her hands massaging over Mercedes’ legs, and
finally reaching her feet. Lily begins to worship Mercedes’ feet, slowly, seductively, licking heel to toe, kissing and nibbling, licking and biting. Mercedes sits back and
enjoys the worship…12+mins at least

Lily kisses her way back up Mercedes’ body, lingering at her breasts and then licking
and kissing her way up Mercedes’ neck until they’re sitting, intimately tangled again,
slowly, passionately kissing.

Mercedes: Lily I think we’ve made some real progress today. How do you feel? (kissing)

Lily: I feel amazing. Very confident. I just know I’ll be successful at that job hunt now.

Mercedes: That’s good to hear. Now I want you to remember something in your

Lily: What’s that? (kiss, kiss)

Mercedes: Remember that you are my servant. You live to be my slave. (kiss, kiss)

Lily: Yes. I am yours.

Mercedes: Very good. Now when I count backwards from 5, you’ll wake up and we’ll be
finished. Do you understand?

Lily: Yes mistress. I understand.

Mercedes: Good girl. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Lily wakes up and reflexively hugs Mercedes. She doesn’t notice that neither of them
is wearing clothes.

Mercedes: How was that?

Lily: Wow. I feel amazing. How soon can I come back for another session?

Mercedes: I’ll have my receptionist check the calendar. Next week at this time should
probably work.

Lily: Definitely. I have a lot of things to get off my chest. I can’t wait until next week.

Mercedes: I’m here to help you Lily. If you trust me.

Lily: Oh yes, Mistress. I trust you completely.