Financially Yours… with Candleboxxx


Five part series starring Candleboxxx and her beautiful body, working you up into a financial frenzy that is bound to mean serious financial devastation for you. 27:46



Candleboxxx has you wrapped around her little finger, with your wallet open and exposed, and she’s never letting go of it. Her womanly ways has worked their magic on you and by the way she talks to you about spending your money, she’s going to take you for everything you’re worth.

Her seduction knows no bounds as she continues to slide and grind on the couch, teasing you with her body and seductive talk of spending. Candle has you exactly where she wants you – by the wallet – and she’s not going to let go. Are you able to handle such a classy and sophisticated beauty like Candle? Will she even give you the time of day…if you have enough money in your bank account.

You have become a pawn in Candle’s erotic findom fetish fantasy.