Dr. Lee’s Demon Whores


Dr Lee has been missing for a week. Concerned, colleagues from the University have shown up to his house to find out what's going on. What they find shocks and disturbs them…until they become possessed when Mia reads from an ancient book! 39 min


Riley is sticking the key into the doorknob. Mercedes and Mia are standing behind her.

Riley: “When was the last time you two heard from Dr. Lee?”

Mia: Last week. The first couple of days we didn’t think anything about it. He’s missed a day or two before. But after five days….He’s not answering his cell phone or emails.

Riley: I hope to God there isn’t a dead body in this house. (with that she opens the door. The camera is facing the doorway and we see our trio enter the house with concerned looks on their faces.)

The trio is now in the foyer of the home.

Mia: Well at least there’s no smell.

They all go into the living room. We see all three women’s faces, but we never see what they are looking at.They all stare down at the floor, shocked by what they see.

Mercedes: Oh my God. Will you look at that.

Riley: (At first she is shocked and then anger shows on her face.) He’s painted a pentagram on the floor. I don’t believe this. (pissed) This is coming out of his security deposit. Jesus Christ, this thing is huge. It take up the entire floor.

Mia: (embarrassed, trying to defend the professor) Dr. Lee does a lot of research in sacred symbols and-

Mercedes: (concerned) If the board of trustees gets wind of this….I know Dr. Lee’s research in occult areas have been highly regarded. One the reasons we’ve kept him on the faculty is the fact that he’s been instrumental in getting a lot of wealthy donors to contribute to the college. Look, let’s just find the man. We should split up. I’ll go toward the garage and see if his car’s in there. You two search the rest of the house.

We follow Mercedes from behind as she walks towards the garage.

(We follow Mercedes as she opens the door to the garage. Her jaw drops as she looks into the garage at an S/M dungeon. As Mercedes looks over the area, one of her hands starts running up her stomach and over her breasts. Her other hand is running over her crotch.)

Then we follow Riley into the master bedroom. She opens up the door to see dildos.

Riley: (in a whisper) Holy fuck.

Riley slowly walks towards the bathroom. It’s like she’s walking on eggshells. She looks into the bathroom.

Riley: (in a whisper) I do not believe this shit. Oh my God.

Riley sees a strap-on on the counter of the bathroom. She looks at it, almost embarrassed like someone is watching her. Then she quickly grabs it and rushes out of the bathroom and out of the bedroom.

Cut to Mia. She has gone into the professor’s office. It’s cluttered with books and there are a lot of vibrators/sex toys on the desk. Like the others she’s embarrassed by what she sees. She goes behind the desk and starts looking through the papers on the desk. She picks up a strap-on dildo with two fingers, hoping it’s not wet and wondering just where it’s been. Disgusted, she randomly throws it to another part of the desk. Then she wipes her fingers on her jeans. She starts reading some of the papers that the strap-on was on top of.

Riley walks in. She’s still holding the strap-on she found in the bathroom. She smiling, almost giddy, she has an “I’ve-got-a-secret” look. Behind her comes Mercedes. She has a look of disgust on her face.

Riley: (Excited) This house is full of sex toys. Look at this thing I found in the bathroom. (she tosses the strap-on right on top of the book Mia is reading. Mia jerks away from the dildo disgusted. Gingerly, she picks up the old book and dumps the dildo next to the other one on the desk.)

Mia: (Angry) Hey…watch where you throw those things. Professor Lee told me he spent thousands of dollars to buy this book from a dealer in India. He spent months working on translating the text.

Mercedes: I cannot believe what I just saw in some of the rooms in this house. And what’s in the garage is just obscene. (she crosses her arms, body language that she’s uncomfortable being in the house) If he’s not here, let’s just get out of this place.

Riley: I don’t know. I’m actually getting turned on by some of this stuff.

Mercedes: (Looking at Riley with a disgusted look, like, how could she be aroused by these things.)

Mia: (looking intently at the book and the papers in front of her) It looks like he’s finally got a good portion of the text done.

Glancing around, Mercedes finds a remote control on top of the piles of books on the desk. She decides to hit the play button and looks at the flat screen in the corner of the office. The DVD plays. The camera/viewer does not see what is playing, but from the audio we hear it is an orgy scene. Both Mercedes and Riley looked stunned when they see what appears on the screen.

Riley: Oh my God. That happened in the living room. They had an orgy in the living room right on top of that pentagram.

Mercedes: (pointing at the screen, shock on her face) I know that girl. I’ve seen her on campus. And I’ve seen him, too. Jesus Christ, these are students from the college. I can’t believe this.

Riley: There must be at least fifteen people on that floor. Look at the size of that dick.

Mia: (not paying attention to what is showing on the screen or to Mercedes’ and Riley’s reactions, Mia starts reading the professor’s translation. These magical words bring forth non-physical entities that will temporarily take over these three women.) DESK END EE MOOSE AB EYE RAY. OOT ASK END AT ED DESK END AT. MOW TOOS INT AIR DO OSS.

Who ever hears these words will be filled with the spirits of lust. The spirits of Sah Dare, Pro Stass, and Sol Ast Air take over the minds and bodies of the chosen ones. They are enflamed with the passions of the gods. Their spirits will feed on the energy and ecstasy of your sex until they are satisfied.

Suddenly smoke fills the room and once Mia finishes reading those words, all three woman are possessed by sexual desire. Mia starts moaning and rubbing her breasts with both hands. Mercedes and Riley look at each other, come close and then start kissing each other. At first they are kissing soft and gentle. But then they start kissing each other harder and more urgently. They start to grab and grope each others bodies. Now they are french kissing, tongues deep in each others mouths. They are starting to breath hard. Mercedes pushes Riley up against the edge of the desk and starts rubbing her hand up and down Riley’s crotch. For her part, Riley starts to grab for Mercedes skirt and starts pulling it up so that she can start fingering Mercedes.

Mia grabs one of the strap-on dildos. A minute ago she was disgusted by the things. She didn’t even want to touch them. Now, she starts licking and sucking on it like it was a popsicle. Mia starts talking, but she’s not talking in a normal tone of voice. It’s like she’s possessed and is giving orders.

Mia: Yes, yes, you two feel it don’t you. The power in the room. The sexual energy coming from these three humans.

Riley and Mercedes briefly stop what they are doing and look up towards Mia with lustful, evil grins. Mia holds up her hand and looks at it

Mia: To be in a physical body again. It’s been so long.

Riley: (disappointed tone) But we’re in women’s bodies. I want something hanging between my legs.

Mercedes: You forget. Human women are multi-orgasmic. And you know how powerful their orgasms are. (she reaches over and picks up the other strap-on that is on the desk and looks at it amused) Perhaps you should learn that receiving is better than giving. (with that she smiles and pushes the dildo into Riley’s mouth. Riley eagerly accepts it.)

Mia comes around the desk to where the other two are. She starts running her hand up Riley’s body, starting from her waist, up her stomach, between her breasts, and ends by gently wrapping her fingers around Riley’s neck and gripping her throat (I’d like for the camera to follow Mia’s hand)

Mia: There’s just one problem. These clothes. I can’t LICK your body…I can’t SCRATCH your body…I can’t BITE your body with these clothes on.

Mia is saying this dialog in a sultry, seductive tone, with an emphasis on each word that is in all capitals

Mercedes: (roughly grabs Mia by the shirt and pulls her close.) Get these clothes off…so I can taste your flesh. (Mercedes proceeds to roughly french kiss Mia)

All three women undress each other. The girls are breathing hard and moaning. Close ups of fingers quickly unbuttoning a blouse. Close ups of mouth biting someone’s neck. Close ups of a tongue licking out someone’s ear. As a bra is dropped and the breast is exposed, a pair of lips comes up and starts sucking and nibbling on it. A hand pulling down someone’s panties down a pair of legs. As a shirt is taken off and someone’s back is exposed, someone’s hand comes up and in a claw-like manner, we see the long fingernails rack down the exposed back–not drawing blood. As a skirt is removed and someone’s ass cheeks are shown, a pair of hands reaches around and the camera sees those long fingernails dig into those cheeks.

With their clothes gone, all three women are sharing a sloppy, three-way kiss with their hands roaming over each others bodies. Eventually, Mia and Riley start kissing and nibbling on Mercedes breasts, one girl for each breast. Slowly, Mia starts kissing down Mercedes’ back, while Riley makes her way to Mercedes’ pussy. Mercedes is now standing with Mia and Riley on their knees with their faces buried between Mercedes’ legs.

Mercedes: Eat me out. Stick your tongues in my holes.

Riley reaches up with both hands and starts squeezing Mercedes’ tits. Mia is slowly running her long fingernails up and down the back of Mercedes’ legs. After a few minutes of this, Mercedes pulls Riley and Mia up by the hair until they are both standing.

Mercedes: I need something inside me. There, on the desk, I want that inside me. (Riley goes over to the desk, picks up one of the strap-ons, and starts putting it on)

Mia: (who starts biting and licking out one of Mercedes’ ears) It’s been so long since I’ve touched a woman’s body. (Mia roughly shoves two fingers into Mercedes’ pussy, making Mercedes scream out loud) I’ve almost forgotten how soft and wet and hot a cunt can really be.

Mercedes: (reaching down and shoving two fingers into Mia’s pussy. Mia starts screaming and moaning) You’re right. I can feel your blood rushing toward you loins. Your clit is throbbing. Your cunt is dripping wet.

Mia and Mercedes proceed to finger fuck each other all the while cussing each other out until be both have orgasms.

Riley is now wearing the strap-on. She’s been squeezing her tits as she watched Mia and Mercedes finger each other. She’s been turned on by all of the nasty talk. She stand in front of Mercedes.

Riley: You need this, don’t you, you nasty bitch.

Mercedes: (recovering from her orgasm, panting, breathing hard) It’s not real, but it’ll do. Don’t just stand there, put it in me.

Riley steps forward, guiding the plastic cock into Mercedes. Mercedes is now up against a wall. Riley starts slamming into Mercedes. At first, Mercedes stands there with her legs spread, then she starts to wrap her legs around Riley’s waist. Now Riley is holding Mercedes up by the ass and Mercedes is riding Riley and has her fingers digging into Riley’s shoulders. Meanwhile, Mia goes over and sit down on the office chair behind the desk. She grabs the other strap-on and starts plunging it in and out of herself. She puts both of her legs over the arm rests of the chair. And she starts shouting orders at the other two.

Mia: Fuck her, fuck her good. Make that bitch feel it.

Mercedes: (grunting and moaning) Put it in me. All the way. That’s it, you nasty slut. Just like that.

Riley: Take it, bitch. Take my cock. Yeah, just like that. Ride it.

Eventually Mercedes and Riley have an orgasm, followed by Mia.

Mercedes: (recovering for her orgasm, breathing hard and looking at Mia) I want to feel what it’s like to fuck another woman. (she looks over at Riley) Get that thing off. I want to wear it now.

Riley takes off the strap-on and hands it over to Mercedes, who proceeds to put it on. Riley goes over to Mia who has her legs draped over the arm rest of the office chair. Riley gets on her knees and proceeds to eat out Mia, while Mia sucks her juices off the dildo. Riley licks Mia to a screaming orgasm. Mercedes has put on the strap-on. As she watches Riley lick Mia, Mercedes lets down her hair and rubs her tits until Mia comes.

Mia: (looking at Mercedes) Are you going to fuck me with that phony cock?

Mercedes: Oh, you better believe it, you nasty minx. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.

Mia: (getting up off of the office chair, egging Mercedes on with her words) Are you going to fuck me hard and fast? You’re not going to show me any mercy?

Mercedes: (looking straight into Mia’s eyes) I’m going to fuck you raw.

Mia: Then let’s do it. Fuck me right here. Slam me into this desk.

Mia proceeds to shove off of the desk everything, lamps, stacks of books, papers, the priceless book that the Professor paid thousands of dollars for. Mia gets up on the desk, her ass sitting on the edge of the desk. Standing, Mercedes proceeds to fuck Mia. After a while, Mia lies back on the desk and with Mercedes fucking her, Riley climbs on top of the desk and straddles Mia’s face forcing Mia to eat her out. After several minutes of fucking in this position, our trio switches around. Mia gets on all fours, Mercedes gets on top of the desk and fucks Mia from behind. Riley is on top of the desk with her legs spread wide and Mia eats her out. So every time Mercedes thrusts into Mia, Mia’s face gets pushed deeper into Riley’s crotch. Eventually, our three have another screaming orgasm.

Riley: (after everyone has somewhat recovered from the last orgasm) I want you both inside me. Double penetrate me. Fill both my holes.

While Mia is putting on the second strap-on, Riley sits on the edge of the desk. Mercedes gets off the desk, gets on her knees and proceeds to lick out Riley. Riley has a orgasm. Now we get to the final and best scene of the video. Mercedes has her strap-on, Mia has hers on. Riley gets off the desk. The trio share another sloppy three-way kiss. Their hands groping and grabbing and scratching each others bodies.

Riley: Fuck me, fuck me now.

Both girls put their strapons into Riley and begin biting and scratching and licking each other while fucking her. They are sweaty with hair stuck to their faces, necks, and back. Then one final, loud, screaming orgasm. Then the girls collapse. The non-physical entities have gotten what they wanted and leave the bodies they have temporarily taken over. Which leaves our girls in an interesting situation.

Mia: (dazed and confused) Why is it so hot in her? Why am I naked?

Riley: (still feeling the afterglow of a massive orgasm) Ohh…I feel so good. (then shock) What’s inside of me. What’s going on? (screaming) Oh my God. Get off of me. Get out of me. What are you two doing to me? (she pushes Mia and Mercedes away from her)

Mercedes: (shocked and confused) What am I wearing? (looks down at her body) Who’s been scratching and biting me? Where are my glasses.

We see Riley stumbling around trying to find her clothes, Mia’s is doing the same thing, but trying to cover her breasts with her arms, and Mercedes is trying her best to get that strap-on off of her body