Alexis Grace spanks Ginger Sparks


Tied and immobile, Ginger Sparks is helpless against a brutal Alexis Grace as she administers a caning ritual. 20 min

Alexis counts every stroke of the cane she administers. There are to be 60 painful lashings given to her backside. Our exclusive 2-camera view allows you to see both her face as well as her ass when it is hit!

Then Alexis brings out the cat-o-nine tails and treats Ginger to a special beating – aimed directly at Ginger’s huge boobs. She is to take 30 lashings to each breast. If she cries during the beating she will receive 15 more lashings.

For the third and most brutal punishment of all, Ginger is subjected to a beating with the cat-o-nine tails to her pussy with her legs tied in a spread open position. Alexis snaps the device against her vagina 30 times. The most painful!